The Clubman Cup where the magic begins

For some years we’ve had a rally championship that anyone can get started in (formally) called the WA Clubman Rally Series. Known more commonly as the Clubman Cup, it is always hotly contested with 25+ cars lining up at each round and often up to seven teams vying for podium places.


Clubman cup rally servicingKeeping the rules simple yet tightly controlled keeps competition fair and at an affordable level. Clubman rallies have shorter competitive distances, cars must be two wheel drive (2WD) only and competitors must use organiser supplied route instructions in lieu of full pace notes. The apparel requirements too are less extensive than higher tiers of competition. The Clubman rallies are also designed so that teams can arrive in the morning, race, and then head home the same day.


Within the Clubman Cup there are seven rallies during a season. Most are based around the spectacular scenery of the state’s southwest with the last two events relatively close to the Perth in the forests of the hills.
• Forest Rally – Busselton/Nannup (April)Clubman rally Darling 200
• Donnelly Rally- Bridgetown/Manjimup (May)
• Boddington Rally- Boddington (June)
• Experts Cup Rally- Collie (July)
• Kirup Stages Rally- Kirup/Balingup (September)
• Safari Rally- Chidlow/Sawyers Valley (October)
• Darling 200 Rally- Jarrahdale (November)
All the rallies count toward points in the overall series, however there is no requirement for competitors to enter every event. There are also Rookie Driver and Co-Driver trophies, however no separate class awards for different engine capacities.


Excel rally car Clubman CupCars
As two wheel drive is mandated, it largely comes down to personal preference. Both front and rear wheel drive are equally competitive in Clubman.
If rear wheel drive is your cup of tea, a BMW or a Nissan Silvia may fit the bill for more contemporary machinery or you can go the classic route such as a Toyota Sprinter, an Escort or a Datsun.
Front wheel drive brings a long list. The underrated Hyundai Excel has proved itself a very capable rally car with a budget price tag. There are also a myriad of other hot hatches like the Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Civic and Daihatsu Charade just to name a few with decent rally credentials.

How Much?
Ah the eternal question. Generally Clubman entry fees for each event are around $400 (as of Dec 2015) and will get you a minimum of 50km competitive. You also need some items such as a CAMS rally license ($175), a car club membership (approx $55) and personal safety gear in the form of an approved helmet etc.

How long does it take to be ready?

There are a few variables to this question. It can take as little as 3 – 4 weeks if you have a car and everything sorted and up to

Clubman_car_interiorseveral years if you build your own car and chip away at it in the background. It really depends on time and budget.

So where to from here?
Before going out and sourcing yourself a Clubman rally car, you need to do some research and get some sound advice. There are a few intricacies involved and getting off on the right foot can mean all the difference to the level of fun waiting for you on the stages. Of course we are only too happy to help and Lance’s story may give you some further info on what we can do for you.


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