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Event Info

  • Twilight Event

    Starts in the afternoon and finishes in the evening.

  • Entries

    Open: Jan 2019

  • Drivers & Cost

    Up to 3 drivers can share one car, cost is $44.00 per driver

  • Minimum Age

    The minimum age for drivers is 12 years old. A suitably licensed adult may accompany junior drivers.


  • License Requirements

    A CAMS L2NS or L2NSJ (or higher). Need a CAMS License? Click Here

  • Club Requirements

    A full membership to a CAMS affiliated Car Club. Need a Car Club Membership? Click Here

  • Car Requirements

    A normal road car or unlicensed vehicle is suitable. Need a Khanacross Car? Click Here

  • Clothing Requirements

    Long sleeves, long pants, covered shoes and a compliant helmet.

Khanacrosses  run in a similar format to a Motorkhana however the competitive sections (tests) are longer and faster (watch the video above). Even junior drivers can start straight into Khanacross with no problems at all.

Our Khanacrosses are run on loose surfaces only. Drivers need to start and stop in a garage (marked by traffic cones) and follow the correct route around each test. Knocking down a course marker or going the wrong direction will result in a time penalty.

Each test may traverse man made or natural landscape and can have straights up to 90m long before a bend. KX can also run into the dark (we call them Twilight Khanacross).

Many KX tests can be run during an event and often two or more tests can run at the same time, depending on entry numbers.
Only one driver races on each test at a time (with no passenger) and is timed by stop watch.

The winner  has the fastest overall time across all tests with the little or no time penalties.

Car Requirements: Car needs to be mechanically sound without major damage and have correctly functioning seats and seat belts. Car must have an in date 1kg fire extinguisher (with metal bracket) which is bolted in. NB: Extinguishers must have been manufactured or re-certified within the last 3 years. Date is stamped into extinguisher body. A normal road car is suitable to use, however we do not recommend lowered vehicles. To aid with traction, many competitors fit mud/snow or rally tyres. The vehicle does not need to be road licensed.

Driver Requirements: A current CAMS L2NS (or higher) license is required as well as membership in a CAMS affiliated car club. A requirement of neck to wrist to ankle clothing (AKA long shirt and long pants) with covered shoes and a compliant helmet is also required. Motorbike helmets must not be used. Drivers from as young as 12 years old may compete and multiple drivers may use the same car.

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