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Event Info

  • 3+ Events annually

    Up to 7km stage, session time up to 5 hours. No limit on the amount of runs.  All Daylight events.

  • Entries & Cost

    Enter online, $330/driver.

  • Drivers & Co-drivers

    Up to 2 drivers can share one car. Multiple co-drivers allowed.

  • Minimum Age

    The minimum age for drivers is 15 years old.


  • License Requirements (Driver & Co-driver)

    Day license or yearly Competition license  Click Here for online Day License

  • Car Requirements

    Basic car requirements. A normal road car or unlicensed vehicle is suitable (see series regs for more info) Need a competition car? Click Here

  • Clothing Requirements

    Long sleeves, long pants, covered shoes and compliant helmets (see regs for standards). Need Race gear? Click Here

Show 2023 Calender +

2023 Dates

5th of March

5th of August

5th of November

Show - Event Format +

Test & Tune format

Non competitive events with stages of up to 7km long that will be run multiple times. Recce is permitted.
Particpants will line up from the assembly area near the stage start. Officials will start cars at appropriate intervals.
Particpants must run the entire stage without deviating from the course and complete it through the flying finish. Participants must then significantly reduce speed and stop at the designated point.
Flying finish and stop points will be marked with standard rally symbols.
Once clear of the stop point, participants may then travel back to the assembly area ready to repeat the stage.

Drivers may have multiple co-drivers and/or instructors alongside them during the stage.

Show - Vehicle Requirements +

Vehicle Requirements

All vehicles must:
(i) Be mechanically sound with no fluid leaks, have functioning brakes that act on all four wheels and have correctly operating steering and suspension. Seats must be mounted securely with correct bolts.
(ii) Be structurally sound (no structural rust or structural damage)
(iii) Be fitted with lap-sash seat belts to AS E35 or approved race harnesses. Belts/harnesses must attach to factory mounting points or approved anchor point(s) using correct bolts/eyelets.
(iv) Have securely bolted in fire extinguisher(s) of at least 1kg capacity, which complies with AS 1841 using a metal mounting bracket. This should be mounted in a suitable position to allow easy access. Extinguisher(s) must be within 3 years of the manufacture date stamped on the neck or base.
(v) Have on the body work, a blue triangle of sides 150mm, indicating the position of the battery.
(vi) Have the positive battery terminal covered with suitable insulating material to prevent short circuit
(vii) Have a well secured battery and where a wet battery is fitted in the passenger compartment, be mounted in a sealed enclosure with an external vent.
(viii) Have sealed firewall(s) separating the fuel tank/pump(s)/filter(s) from the passenger compartment. Factory fitted (OEM) under floor fuel tanks are fine as long as all bungs/hatches are in place.
(ix) Have internal door trims on both front doors.
(x) Have no sharp or hazardous protrusions within the passenger compartment
(xi) Be fitted with at least two (2) independent fastening systems which hold the bonnet closed. (OEM latch & catch or 2 x bonnet pins are fine)
(xii) Carry 1 x reflective safety triangle
(xiii) Carry an A3 SOS/OK sign (available for purchase from organisers)

It is recommended that all vehicles be fitted with race harnesses to increase safety for competitors. Harnesses may be used with OEM seats. Contact organisers for details on fitment.

Check the standing regs for more info.

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