How to become a Rally Driver Part 2 – Governing bodies & licenses

Time to look at the governing bodies of Motorsport in Australia and license types. To compete you need a competition license. There’s a few different types and with a rally license, you need to have held a lower level first.

Don’t worry, it’s pretty straight forward to get the basic license and in future episodes, we’ll talk you through how to upgrade to a rally license. Need to catch up on part 1? Click Here

Governing Bodies

In Australia the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) is the largest and covers many disciplines of Motorsport including rally. CAMS was formed in the 1950’s and basically sets out the rules and regs for our sport. They also take direction from the FIA (the international body) and have a say in technical specs for cars.
CAMS have a structure in place that includes car clubs and covers both competitors and officials. From a licensing perspective competitors need the correct level of license to compete as do officials to run the events. Whilst CAMS is a non profit organisation and most of the members are volunteers, they do have to operate lawfully. They have a range of policies in place covering OH&S, workplace and discrimination to ensure good governance.

Competition Licenses

The most basic competition license is a Level 2 Non Speed (L2NS). This license allows competition in a variety of club level events and is the place to start your motorsport career. The form can be downloaded from the CAMS website: License Forms . You can complete the form and send it to CAMS with your payment or we can help you with it.

What about a car?

You may have noticed we haven’t talked about a car yet. This is the biggest mistake that many people make getting into the sport. Buying the car first and then figuring out the rest later. It can end in tears and we want to go about this the right way.

What if I’ve got the car already and found this blog afterwards? Don’t have a complete panic. The best bet is to contact us so we can have a chat and see where to from here.

In part 3 we’ll look at club level motorsport.


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    Hello as of late I have been wanting to develop a professional career in racing at present I have many different types of licenses such as car, motorcycle, Multi combination even a student pilots license. However I want to further my skills and achievements as a professional driver. You can contact me on 0447 28 11 66 or reply to my email as I am a bit mystified as to where to begin with this one, I am not really interested in racetrack as I feel rally will provide me with more of a challenge. Hope to speak to you soon.


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