How to become a Rally Driver Part 1 – Where to start

If we had a dollar for every time we’re asked how to become a rally driver! As it’s the number one question, we created this series to help you go rally racing.
In each part, we cover small steps on how to become a rally car driver or co-driver and explain in plain English. The series is geared toward doing it yourself, however of course we’re more than happy to help you. Our goal is to get you into Motorsport at whatever level you want to compete.

Start with the basics

Rally Driving Experience

If you want to become a rally driver and have never participated in any form or Motorsport the best place to start is with a rally driving experience. The beauty of this approach is that you can drive someone else’s rally car and have a go.

You can learn many of the skills of how to become a rally driver and sample what it’s like in full rally competition without the commitment. You also have a great chance to talk to your instructors and get some good advice. More info on rally driving experiences can be found by clicking here.

Car Club Membership

Once you’ve had a taste and confirmed what you already suspected, the next step is to join a car club. Use your favourite search engine and check for rally car clubs in your local area.  Wherever you are in the world, there will be a local car club not far away.

If you have trouble locating a club, try searching “car rally (insert your area)”. The results should find you an event and a few clicks will lead you to the organising car club. A quick email or phone call will get the ball rolling to a club membership.

Why join a car club? Good question. In Australia to become a rally driver you must hold a car club membership as well as a competition license. It’s the same in many other countries too.

Joining a car club will give you access to a good knowledge base and much experience. You can ask fellow members advice, find out about events and get the inside tips on cars. Some members will be happy to offer tips and help with your driving as well.

Some clubs have social events and grass roots competition that allow families to be involved too. We have many good friends that we’ve met through our car club and our whole family enjoys the social side as much as the competition.


  • Do a Rally Driving Experience
  • Join a car club and get plenty of advice
  • Get your competition license
  • Start competing in club level events in a cheap car
  • Work your way up to championship rallying

Part 2

In how to become a rally driver part 2 we’ll cover the governing bodies of Motorsport and how to go about sorting your competition license.