Get more out of your Rally Driving Experience

You’re excited to be getting behind the wheel and driving sideways. You’re so looking forward to the day, you’re out the door and in the car reversing out of the driveway. Where are the directions? Oops, left them on the kitchen table. Back in the house quickly to grab them and then you remember your long sleeve shirt. A couple more minutes rummaging through the wardrobe and you’re back in the car. You glance down and the fuel light is on- Arrgh! It doesn’t take long for a small issues to add up and then you’re stressed and running late. We’ve put together ten tips to help you prepare for your rally driving experience with us.

1. Charge your camera and/or device(s). Is there enough storage space available or an extra memory card to capture the sideways driving and big grins?


2. Know how to get to our venue and work out how long the journey will take. You don’t want to get lost or be trying to sort out the route on the way (directions are in the paperwork we send you).

3. Plan the night before and leave with plenty of time in the morning. If you need fuel, fill up before your journey so you’re ready to go. Ever notice when you’re trying to rush, more problems occur which make you even later?

4. Have your paperwork filled out before you leave home. If the Experience is a surprise gift (which they often are), complete as many details as you can for the lucky recipient so they don’t have much to fill in when you arrive.

5. Have you or anyone in your group got allergies such as hay fever? A non drowsy antihistamine before you leave home may do the trick, particularly in spring and summer when crops and native grasses release pollen .

6. Get a good night’s sleep the night before, rally driving takes some concentration and the constant hits of adrenalin can make some people tired.

7. Got the right clothing? Comfortable long sleeves, long pants or jeans and good shoes make all the difference. You have to climb in and out over roll cage bars and make quick movements while rally driving, will your clothes restrict you?

8. Bringing kids? Have you got everything they may need for your outing?

9. Friends and family are most welcome to attend and watch. Just make sure everyone in your party wears covered shoes.


10. If you’re booked in for Rally Thrills or the ½ Day Experience, why not grab some lunch at the pub or the tea rooms on the way home?

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