Rally Driving 6 laps

Have you watched car racing on tv and thought that 6 laps of rally driving would be the same length of time behind the wheel as laps of a race circuit?

The real story is that a lap of rally driving is not the same as a lap on a proper race track. Most rally driving experiences use short dirt tracks that are no where near the length of a race track, and therefore 6 laps is about enough time to get behind the wheel, blink twice and it’s all over. It’s just not enough driving time.

It takes more than a couple of laps to get to get to grips with the power and handling of a turbo rally car and the skills required for rally driving. It all comes together when you’re holding controlled sideways drifts on the dirt and that cannot be learned (or really enjoyed) in just a few quick laps. That is why we don’t actually offer rally driving 6 Laps packages in Perth.

Rally Action have three rally experiences available: Rally Thrills, Half Day Course and Full Day Course. Our courses offer excellent value and much more time behind the wheel than 6 or 8 laps.

With our experiences, you drive the real deal rally cars. Multi point safety cages, racing harnesses and rally tyres to get the power to the road. Our rally tracks too are unique and purpose built. You drive on multiple tracks in multiple configurations of varying lengths and you drive our 2.7km rally stage as well. Our rally roads are all designed to put your new found rally driving skills to good use, and don’t worry, we’ll be sitting right beside you guiding you every inch of the way.

The finale to each course is a “seat of your pants” hot lap in the co-driver’s seat. We strap you in and take you around the rally stage at championship speed. When you weigh it all up, 6 laps rally driving with someone else isn’t worth while when you can spend a little more and have a lot more fun with us.

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