Need a last minute Christmas Gift?

Santas List

It can be a tough decision especially if you’re buying for someone who has everything. The same thing happens in our house every year. Flipping through the endless catalogues, so much to choose from. Will they like the present? Is it the right type? Is it the right colour? Trying to work out the differences between…

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Get more out of your Rally Driving Experience

You’re excited to be getting behind the wheel and driving sideways. You’re so looking forward to the day, you’re out the door and in the car reversing out of the driveway. Where are the directions? Oops, left them on the kitchen table. Back in the house quickly to grab them and then you remember your…

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Rally Driving 6 laps

Have you watched car racing on tv and thought that 6 laps of rally driving would be the same length of time behind the wheel as laps of a race circuit? The real story is that a lap of rally driving is not the same as a lap on a proper race track. Most rally…

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