Subaru WRX Rally Car specs

Subaru’s Impreza actually started production late in 1992 with the first models of the WRX landing on Australian shores in 1994. With 4 wheel drive and turbo charging a necessity to be competitive in the World Rally Championship (WRC), Subaru designed the small four door sedan to accept the 2 litre turbo flat four and all wheel drive running gear from the Legacy (Liberty) RS. With close to a 50/50 front to rear weight split and an ideal wheel base it didn’t take long for the factory team to start winning. In 1995 Colin McRae became World Rally Champion with the WRX. With outstanding performance and handling for the money, the car quickly became popular in Australia and a burgeoning after market industry of parts and tuning expertise soon erupted. Production of the WRX continues to this day, having had several face lifts across models during it’s more than 20 years of manufacture.
Our Cars
WRX STi rally car 2 doorAs the car was developed for rallying, building road going models into competition cars is a fairly straight forward process. With thousands sold here, both standard and performance parts for all models are readily available.
Within our team, we have stayed with the classic shape WRX. Even 20 years after it won the WRC, the car is still winning championships showing how inherently good the design was. Having rallied these modelWRX rally car with lights fitted cars with great success for more than 10 years, we use a tried and tested base spec for all of our builds which includes careful shell preparation, full roll cages and all the necessary safety and rally equipment. Production engines and intercoolers must be used, however approved performance parts (such as substitute turbos) are often fitted. Reliable power outputs of 350Hp and 400+Nm of Torque are easily attainable.
Depending on whether the car will be used for gravel or tarmac sets the specifications for the transmission, suspension, brakes and tyres. Five or Six speed gearboxes with active or passive centre differentials are fitted and suspension brands range from Pro-Drive to STD, MCA and DMS. Gravel cars are limited to 15” tyres by the regulations so brakes are chosen to fit behind 15” wheels. When running in tarmac spec larger WRX Rally Suspensionwheels and brakes can be fitted. There are a selection of tyre brands and patterns available to us depending on the conditions and the driver.

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