Ventkhana 2017

For the first Venturer Motorsport event this year we had 55 drivers at the starting line. Nine units formed 11 teams for Ventkhana 2017 in early May. Autumn turned on the charm during the weekend with warm days and clear skies. A sensational backdrop for the racing.

Day 1

We started out on our flats however instead of a motorkhana course, we used a basic Khanacross configuration. Many Venturers had never been behind the wheel before and most were new to the event. It was a good way to ease into the competition.  Leaders sat beside each driver and acted as instructor and navigator as each team traversed the tests.

As the first day progressed we moved to more advanced tests. Apart from the odd knocked over garage cone, everyone was going fine. The warm day did bring a little dust though. Watching the Venturers, you could see the driving skills were improving. Teams were also keen to know what time they had set through each test. It was a sign the competition was on.

By sunset we’d completed 20 tests. As we entered the results we found there was a handful of seconds between some teams on the leader board. The battle for fourth and fifth place was down to 3.3 seconds. Surprisingly as we settled in around the fire for the evening, not one Venturer came to check the results.

Day 2

When we held Sunday morning drivers’ briefing, there was sudden interest in the results. Some had worked out they could improve their position. The emphasis had to be on keeping it neat and not getting a wrong way.

On different tests from Saturday, the race was on. A few found one hairpin corner tricky. Several drivers nudged the tyres lining the outside of the corner. Each tyre cost a time penalty and when everything was totalled up, it could have had a big effect.


The Results

After 27 tests the results were in.

Team five brought their Daihatsu Charade to 11th place.  Team two took their Holden Astra to tenth. Team ten finished ninth. Team three brought their Hyundai Excel to eighth. Team 11 finished seventh. Team seven drove well to sixth place. The white Excel of team one were in fifth. Team 8 bagged fourth place. Team nine were on the podium in third. Team six drove valiantly to second place in their green Mitsubishi Lancer. Team four with their green Nissan Pulsar won the event.

Thanks to all the Venturers and Leaders for a fantastic weekend.

Click Here to download Ventkhana Results

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