2019 Kirup Stages Rally – Getting Down and Dirty

Glenn Alcorn/Lee Tierney on the 2019 Kirup Stages Rally

The Wheels on Yirrigan 2019 Kirup Stages Rally, round four for the WA State Rally Championship. At the first three rallies this year there was dust, dust and more dust. At the end of the last state championship event (2019 Safari Rally), I said hopefully we’ll get some rain. Well yeah we got some and…

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Ten types of Motorsport and what you need to compete

I want to go Racing, Help! The details below are general only. Individual organisers can impose extra conditions to those listed below. CAMS may also change entry requirements and standards. Supplementary regulations are issued for each event with entry forms and contain details of when, where, how much and any extra conditions. If in doubt,…

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The Rally Action team at the 2015 Lewana Stages Rally

How did our trek to the Lewana stages rally go in late July? 20% is the answer. What do we mean by 20%? Well, of the 5 cars in our team, only 1 finished. This may seem like disappointing news, however it’s not! We took the trek from Perth to Kirup near the end of…

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