Advanced Rally Driving Course -Mastering the Art of Precision

Learning advanced rally driver skills.

Rally driving is more than just speeding along dirt tracks. It’s a sport that demands precision, skill and strategy. Competitors soon understand that mastering the craft requires learning and refinement. This is where our advanced rally driving course comes into play. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never competed before or you’ve been rallying for a…

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Should Rally 2 cars be Banned from State events?

Let’s direct our attention to the focal point of this article – a topic that has sparked vigorous debates, especially in recent years. The subject at hand revolves around AP4, R5, or Rally 2 cars, and for the sake of simplicity, we’ll refer to them as Rally 2 throughout this discussion. This issue probes into…

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2023 Experts Cup Rally – Deciding 3 championships

In this post we event into the final round of the year, the 2023 Experts Cup Rally. Specifically this was the sixth round of the State Rally Championship. It’s hard to believe how swiftly time has passed, with all these events flying by. This time around, our destination was the coal mining town of Collie.…

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2023 Safari Rally – Rough & dusty ex WRC stages

In early October we embarked on the thrilling journey to the penultimate round of the WA Rally Championship for 2023—the highly anticipated 2023 Safari Rally. The Safari Rally holds a special place in our hearts, as we have not only participated as competitors but also as officials, establishing an intimate familiarity with its challenges. Our…

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2023 Karri Rally – 230km/h roads!

The start of the 2023 Karri Rally

In mid-August, the 2023 Karri Rally unfolded in the quaint town of Manjimup, marking the fourth round of a six-round series. Our journey commenced with a leisurely 350-400 kilometer drive to this destination. It was another long trek after the previous 2023 Grimwade Stages Rally. Karri Rally format The proposed format comprised two forest stages,…

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2021 Experts Cup Rally – Big Field!

And so we roll around to the end of the season! Let’s get going with the 2021 Experts Cup rally. It’d been an insane few weeks since the last time I had a chance to get a blog post out. We had our hands really full trying to get a slight dent out of a…

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2021 Forest Rally – Wet & Slippery!

The 2021 Forest Rally was again different from previous years. Normally we start with a super special stage in Busselton on Friday and Saturday night coupled with gravel stages in Nannup. Last year because of Covid that didn’t happen and the 2020 Forest Rally was a name only event. It ran out of Collie using…

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The decade of WA Rally 2010 – 2019

Cars lined up for the start of the 2019 WA Rally season

At the end of every year we do look back at the season however this time I’m going to look back on the whole decade. The last time I did one of these I typed it all out which just goes to show how much has changed in 10 years. So let’s have a look…

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2019 Experts Cup Rally – Loose and Dusty

Mark Keltie & Graham Mogg on the 2019 Experts Cup Rally

The 2019 Experts Cup Rally. Where there was as much fun in the service park as there was out on the stages! Big Field of Experts A bumper field of 38 cars entered the 2019 Experts Cup this year. Running in the coal mining town of Collie it was the last round of the Better…

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2018 Boddington Safari Rally – Tough & Technical

MRF Tyres 2018 Boddington Safari Rally This year the Light Car Club brought the Safari Rally back to its spiritual home in Boddington. Set on the June long weekend the 2018 Boddington Safari Rally was round 3 of the Rally WA championship. 140km of plantation roads defined the technical event. The Rally Action Team We…

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