RallyVent 2017 – Hectic Motorsport for Venturer Scouts

Nine teams, 50 drivers

In early August, nine Venturer Units descended on our venue for Rallyvent 2017. The second of our biannual scout motorsport events for the year. With over 50 people in attendance, all the drivers and leaders were divided into nine teams for the weekend. They would take turns racing around a variety of different circuits called tests.

Everyone arrived Friday night and the excitement was evident. As the camp site took shape, conversations about driving could be heard everywhere. The trick was to get everyone into bed as early as possible. There was a big weekend ahead.

Day one Dawn

When Saturday dawned there was a hive of activity around the cars. Venturers and leaders sorted themselves and their machinery. We processed the paperwork and completed scrutiny. There was only one item to be sorted on one car. It was a good time to remind everyone that fire extinguishers must be securely bolted in. Tek screws, self tapping screws or rivets are not sufficient.

Go your own way

The first test was out onto our salt flat for what should have been an easy run. As it turned out many teams got a wrong way. The issue continued for the second test too. Going the wrong side of a cone was enough and soon a few teams had a time deficit.

Salt n Pepper

Later we moved up to our “Salt Bush” test. With a loop design there were no wrong ways. The tight turn into the finish garage did catch out a few and the garage cones copped a bashing. We thine moved onto the opposite track called “Pepper Bush”. The tight turns round the back of the test challenged some. The drivers all having a good crack. Some were trying hard to haul back time from the morning wrong ways.



Working the wheels

By the overnight halt RallyVent was in full swing. To keep everyone engaged a tyre changing challenge was set in the dark. The idea was to walk a spare wheel through a serious of cones, then change the tyre on a car and then walk it back. Leaders were not able to assist so the Venturers had to work as a team to make it happen. A couple of teams needed some help with cracking the wheel nuts, however everyone did well. With the temp dropping everyone retired to their camp fires before heading to bed.

Day Two

Sunday dawned cool and cloudy. After a drivers briefing we were up and rocking again. The first test was brand new. It was a 1km loop where drivers finished in the garage in the same direction they started. The faster sections proved popular with all the drivers. We ran the test several times during the morning.

The last series of tests were back on the salt flat. This time Rovers Rohan and Ash set the test. The course started fast and then slowed into a tight slalom. It was tricky not to take out a cone on the way through.

Top Ten

After 28 tests and a weekend of racing, the results were in for RallyVent 2017. In ninth place were team 7. They had mechanical trouble when a CV joint broke on Sunday morning and they had to swap cars to finish the event. Team three set some quickest times on the last few tests and finished in eighth. Team eight finished seventh. Team one drove to sixth.

Top Five

Team four brought their blue police box tardis to fifth. Team five had a last minute change to a Holden ute. They drove it to fourth place. Using flags to identify their drivers, team six grabbed a podium in third.

Top Two


Team two drove their Mitsubishi Mirage well to second place. Team nine were consistently quick all weekend. The won RallyVent 2107 in their silver bullet.

Thanks to all the leaders and helpers for this year’s event. Special thanks to Rovers: Rohan, Dylan, Brea, Rhys and Ash who helped to make the event such a success.

Final Results

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