Rally Driving Lotto commercial Perth

Getting sideways on a Lotto commercial shoot

You may have recently seen the new rally driving Lotto commercial in Perth. The plot involves a young girl who starts out building a billy cart with her dad. In their garage are pictures showing they are fans of rallying. The girl, all grown up wins Lotto and is able to fulfill her dream of buying a rally car and becoming a rally driver.

Of course for us rally nuts this is great! Putting a rally driving lotto commercial in front of Perth audiences is perfect. Generating more interest and show casing rallying is free publicity. Anything to help lift the profile of the sport is great in our books.

Made in Perth

What you may not know, is that the whole ad was made locally in WA. Yes we helped make it all happen and we’re proud to be part of it. Filming on location in Perth, the rally car, the rally drivers some of the costumes and memorabilia was supplied by us.

In car scenes for the Lotto commercial

It was very interesting to work behind the scenes and gain an insight into the world of film production. Everything was made as realistic as possible to keep the rally driving lotto commercial authentic. The actors received coaching from us on what goes on inside a rally car during competition. The father actor also read real pace notes for the in car shots.

Who was really behind the wheel?

The production team did a great job of blending the action and in car together too. We’ve been asked a few times if the girl was actually driving the rally car. The reality is that whilst her performance is pretty convincing, she’d never sat in a rally car before! Not the ideal person to get behind the wheel and throw a car sideways into a corner or fly over a jump.

The stunt driving was all handled by us in a controlled environment. We did a series of takes involving jumps, sideways, approach and away shots. For the rally driving lotto commercial they also wanted spectators. When we did the shoot, none of the extras (who posed as spectators) had ever seen a rally live before.

The whites of their eyes!

When it came time for our part in the rally driving lotto commercial , we thought we’d nailed the corner on our first take. The film crew was happy with our performance however they asked us to do it again. The speed and the sideways had surprised and frightened the extras. Simon the director commented “We’ll do that again. When you went round the corner we could see the whites of their eyes!” We had a good laugh at that.

Us and the extras between takes of our corner shots

The filming for our part was all wrapped in one day and it was very lucky actually. Just as we were loading the rally car on the trailer the rain started to fall. If the weather had come in an hour earlier we’d of had an interesting afternoon of filming.

With everything “in the can” the post production team set to work blending acting, stunt driving and story-telling. The end result is the rally driving lotto commercial now on our screens.

Living the Dream

Of course we’re focused on the rally stuff however that’s not the objective for Lotterywest. The message is about the dream. A lotto win will allow you to follow your dream and in this case its rally.

There is however another way to go rally driving in Perth without needing to win Lotto! Get behind the wheel of our Subaru WRX rally cars with one of our Rally Driving Experiences. Apart from a whole lot of fun, it may kick start your dream to become a rally driver!

The podium towards the end of the commercial

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