How to become a Rally Driver Part 4 – Rallies & Co-drivers

In this part of the series, we get down to some of the nuts and bolts.
How a rally works and the role of the all important co-driver. Missed part 3? Click Here

The two actually go hand in race glove. It’s one of the reasons why rally is a team effort compared to almost every other type of Motorsport out there.


Once on an event, the co-driver actually holds more responsibility and the job is often more crucial than the driver’s. There’s times, places and reading the course/pace notes to factor in, however the most important aspect is chief time keeper.
Rallies all run on a schedule set by the organisers and there are precise times that cars and teams must be at any given point during a rally. The co-driver becomes the “lynch pin” of the operation.

For some who want to climb into the “silly seat” and don’t know where to start it may seem daunting. The good news is that whilst it may sound complicated, with some homework and practice done before the first event (and a little help on the day), co-driving is a great fun and rewarding.


To help out further, we actually have a course aimed specifically at getting you into the co-driver’s seat with plenty of help, knowledge and some useful tips & tricks to make it much easier. For more info, click here.

After all the waiting, part 5 is where we look at what type of rally cars are suitable as your first.

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