2020 Rally WA Calendar

Before reflecting on the season that was let’s have a look forward to the 2020 Rally WA calendar. Next year we’ll be running five rounds of both our popular Khanacross and Rally Sprint Series. In the full WA Rally Championship, there will be seven gravel rounds.

2020 Rally WA calendar opener

We’ll be kicking off the 2020 Rally WA calendar with two consecutive gravel events. On the 7th of March we’re holding a Twilight Khanacross. The next day we’re running a Rally Sprint on the 8th of March. Both of these events have basic vehicle, clothing/helmet and license requirements. Click on the links for more info.

First state championship rally

The first round of the WA State Rally Championship will be a rally sprint too. The event is planned to run on the 28th of March in Baker’s Hill. Unlike our rally sprints that I just talked about, this will be a full state championship event so it’ll only be open to those with full rally cars with log books including full roll cages, rally licenses, hans devices etc.

If the rumors are correct it’ll be a single-stage that runs backwards and forwards. Competitive km and entry fee are yet to be announced. It is good to see a smaller event up first in the state championship rather than jumping straight out of the blocks into the Forest Rally.

2020 Rally WA calendar features our five round rally sprint series

Biggest on the 2020 Rally WA Calendar

Speaking of the Forest Rally, it will fit into the 2020 Rally WA calendar from the 17th to the 19th of April. The start of both heats will be in Busselton with a tarmac super special stage on the foreshore. The bulk of the stages will run on the gravel in Nannup.

The Forest will be the first of the Australian Rally Championship and the second in the state championship & clubman cup. Usually the Forest Rally is the biggest WA gravel event of the year and runs over 3 days.

Rally Championship round 3

 Moving onto round three of the WA Rally Championship, the Karri Rally will be on the 9th of May. The event will be based out of Manjimup. Hopefully we have a little more rain in May next year and the roads are less dusty than 2019.

Entry level events round 2

The second group of events in our series will run on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of May. The rally sprint will be on Saturday during the day with a daylight Khanacross on the Sunday. These are events focused on entry level and can be entered separately.

Safari Changes

 The fourth full championship round in the 2020 Rally WA calendar is the Safari Rally. There will be a bit of a change next year. Instead of running on the June long weekend, it will run the weekend after on the 13th of June. The Safari Rally will remain in Boddington and there are some new organisers at the helm. The rumour is the rally is going to be completely evolved from its current form.

Entry level events round 3

As the 2020 Rally WA calendar gets into full winter swing we’re up again. This time a Khanacross will run first on Saturday the 4th of July and then a rally sprint on Sunday the 5th of July. These events will herald round three of both our 2020 Khanacross series and 2020 Rally Sprint series.

Sideways in a Khanacross. There are five in next years 2020 Rally WA Calendar

Winter all the way

The Kirup Stages Rally will remain with a winter date next year. Round 4 in the WA Rally Championship will run on the 18th of July. The event is set to use Kirup for the service park with the stages being a bit further out in Grimwade.

Entry level events round 4

The fourth rounds in our respective series will run on the weekend of the 29th and 30th of August. The daylight rally sprint will run on the Saturday and the Khanacross on Sunday.

Spring time rallying

After about a six-week break from the Kirup Stages Rally, we move on to the 12th of September. The Darling 200 rally is the sixth in the championship toward the end of the 2020 Rally WA calendar. It’s great to see the Darling retain a spring date. The Jarrahdale roads and the weather are much better at that time of year.

Entry level series closers

The series closers for our Khanacross and Rally Sprints will be on the 3rd and 4th of October next year. The fifth Khanacross will be a twilight event on the 3rd and the final daylight rally sprint will run on the 4th.

The final event

 The last gravel event on the 2020 Rally WA calendar will be the Experts Cup Rally. It is the final round in the WA Rally Championship and Clubman Cup. Using stages around Wellington Dam the event will run in Collie on the 17th of October.

The 2020 Rally WA calendar for state rally championship events largely follows the 2019 Rally WA calendar. The date revisions for rallies this year worked really quite well. This is particularly true with the crazy weather that we’ve been having in the warmer months over the last few years.

John O'Dowd/Toni Feaver wining the 2019 WA Rally Championship. The will feature highly in the 2020 Rally WA calendar

The 2020 Rally WA Calendar – Gravel

7th March – Twilight Khanacross round 1

8th March – Rally Sprint round 1

28th March – WA Rally Championship Round 1 – Rally Sprint

17th – 19th April – WA Rally Championship Round 2 – Forest Rally

9th May – WA Rally Championship Round 3 – Karri Rally

23rd May – Rally Sprint round 2

24th May – Khanacross round 2

13th June – WA Rally Championship Round 4 – Safari Rally

4th July – Khanacross round 3

5th July – Rally Sprint round 3

18th July – WA Rally Championship Round 5 – Kirup Stages Rally

29th August – Rally Sprint round 4

30th August – Khanacross round 4

12th September – WA Rally Championship Round 6 – Darling 200 Rally

3rd October – Twilight Khanacross round 5

5th October – Rally Sprint round 5

17th October – WA Rally Championship  Round 7 – Experts Cup Rally

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