2020 Khanacross series round 3 – Full field

Let’s get going with our Khanacross series round 3. As I said before with our round two Khanacross we’ve been very lucky we haven’t missed a round in our series this year. The relative isolation of Perth and our border closures have meant we can get back to things quicker than most of Australia.

Bob Percival tackling a big puddle at Khanacross series round 3

Weather for Round 3

Khanacross series round 3 in July was a somewhat wet affair. The weather was really quite nice on the day however in the lead up we had a little bit of rain. There wasn’t as many muddy puddles as you might think. There were a couple of larger ones and given all the cars running through we spread them out further along the tests.

The BIG field

A big field of 28 drivers made up this event which is really great to see. Again almost half the competitors were juniors. It was fantastic to see the kids out racing as well.

We ran eight tests during the day of our Khanacross series round 3 and the first four had a few slippery patches. It didn’t really slow anybody down too much and a lot of drivers tended to bow wave through the puddles.

Muddy Morning

Whilst the morning tests might have been a bit muddy and slippery, the afternoon was a lot drier. To mix things up the afternoon tests were not only drier they were actually new. We hadn’t actually run a Khanacross on these before at all.

Drier afternoon tests helped drivers on Khanacross series round 3

Results after a good day of racing

After eight tests and a great day of racing on Khanacross series round 3 the results were in. Tenth place was taken by Georgie Thomas in a shared Subaru WRX.

Coming up on the rails

Son Corey copped a couple of markers earlier on in the day. Without the 10 seconds of penalties he would have actually been in 10th place. Georgie will have to keep a good watch on her rear vision mirror because Corey is really coming up on the rails.

Learning to dribble

Ninth place went to Kris Beard in his SR-20 powered Nissan Pulsar. He had one damper on the right side of the car that was completely flogged out. The front wheel was doing a bit of a basketball dribbling impersonation.

The neat and quick Bob Percival was in eighth place sharing his Hyundai Excel with his kids. Dale Hands by his own admission was widening the tracks for everybody else. He used his “plow” V8 Ford Fairmont to good use. Dale came in seventh place.

Stu hewer brought his shared Hyundai Excel home in sixth place. Dave Thomas’ ford falcon ute finally cried enough and the engine gave out at the previous event. He swapped it for a banana coloured Mazda 323 for Khanacross series round 3 and came home in fifth place.

Less than 0.5 secs!

Rhett Ashby shared the basketball Pulsar with Kris Beard. Rhett managed to bring the car home in fourth place. It was a great effort and he actually set the fastest time on test three. Rhett snatched fourth by just 0.21 of a second from Dave Thomas.

Tiana was second in her WRX on Khanacross series round 3.

Podium places

Onto the podiums for Khanacross series round 3 and it was an all-girl affair again. This time in third place was Karen Russell in her shared Subaru WRX. Second place went to Tiana Chapman again in her WRX.

For The Win

For the second event in a row Kelly Thomas took the win. Her WRX did however have to endure some very hard driving during the day.

Click Here for Khanacross results and points

Special thanks to the Hewer family for the great photos, in car for our Youtube video and help with the results.

Our next event is at the end of August more info can be found by clicking here.

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