2015 Donnelly Rally

To say that the 2015 Donnelly Rally didn’t go to plan would be the most massive understatement of the year.
What is normally a popular rally through the picturesque tall timber forests nearby to Bridgetown ended in the most tragic circumstances.

During the fifth stage of the rally an incident with a competing car resulted in one spectator being killed and another two hospitalised.

This is the time to pause.

The above is fact.

Our governing body CAMS have released an official statement you can find it here

This terrible incident has attracted the attention of the main stream media and drawn plenty of debate on social media. Depending what source you have been informed by may have affected your thoughts and/or opinion on the matter.

Even being inside the sport as we are, it is just far too early to tell what led to the terrible outcome. We’re not speculating or passing opinions, the answer is we don’t know and neither does anybody else, including the authorities.

All we know for sure is that lives have been affected.

Now is the time to let the experts investigate everything thoroughly and then release their findings. Most importantly it’s a time to think about the families, competitors, officials and everyone else involved and consider what they are going through.

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