2019 Kirup Stages Rally – Getting Down and Dirty

Glenn Alcorn/Lee Tierney on the 2019 Kirup Stages Rally

The Wheels on Yirrigan 2019 Kirup Stages Rally, round four for the WA State Rally Championship. At the first three rallies this year there was dust, dust and more dust. At the end of the last state championship event (2019 Safari Rally), I said hopefully we’ll get some rain. Well yeah we got some and…

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The story behind the 2018 WA Rally Calendar – Shaken and Stirred

The 2018 WA rally championship Why we have six rounds and not seven The Experts Cup The story actually begins with the Experts Cup rally in Collie. For most of the last 20 years or more, the Experts has run during winter. Using stages around Wellington dam, the catchment area drains well. This means that…

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Mud & Muddier – 2016 Kirup Stages Rally

Kirup Stages rally 2016 In the last couple of years the Lewana Stages rally has been extremely wet and muddy. The conditions  presented a decent challenge for competitors, organisers and officials. For this year’s championship the Ascot Motor Club opted to change the date to September. In the process they also renamed the rally to…

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