Rally Testing/Practice

Private sessions available

Access up to 10km special stage.

Yes we definitely allow private testing and practice. Sessions can be on week days or weekends. The costs depend on the day, the amount of time you require and how many cars and people you wish to have at the session.
Testing is limited to a maximum of 10 cars.
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Event Info

  • Daylight Event

    Daylight only. Week days or weekend – *subject to availability

  • Entries

    Maximum of 10 cars

  • Drivers

    Multiple drivers can share one car.

  • Minimum Age

    The minimum age for drivers is 15 years old.

  • Passengers

    Passengers who do not hold a competition license are permitted, however are required to sign a passenger disclaimer.


  • License Requirements (Driver)

    Minimum of AASA Day license is required. CAMS L2S (or higher) licenses are recognised.

  • Car Requirements

    Vehicles must comply as a minimum with our Rally Sprint standing regulations.  Vehicles shall be subject to scrutiny the same as competition events.

  • Clothing Requirements

    Long sleeves, long pants, covered shoes and compliant helmets. Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) to be used only if rally car is fitted with specific FHR harnesses.

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