The Rally Action - Rally Team

From Clubman to International, we'll take care of your racing.

  • Logistics

    We’ll get the tools, spares and equipment to the event for you

  • Vehicle Transport

    Don’t have a trailer or tow vehicle? No problem, we can get your car to and from events

  • Catering

    All your food and drinks are catered for

  • Accommodation

    A hot shower and a warm bed are all sorted.

  • Servicing

    On event servicing to keep your car at it’s optimum

  • Fuel

    We take care of arranging and transporting your fuel and on event refuelling

  • Team Support

    Having a team surrounding you lets you get on with racing.

  • Turn up and Race

    We can manage everything so you just turn up and race

Joining our Team

How does it work?

Generally team members own their rally cars. Some of the cars are maintained by us, others are maintained by their owners.


Before events we send out reminders to our competitors about: entry schedules, where cars need to be (scrutineering etc), times, dates and other important info. We book accommodation where required, organise the service crew and catering for the team. We also organise fuel where no provisions are made by the organisers. Occasionally we also work with organisers to resolve administration issues (incorrect/missing details on entry list etc)

On Event

We arrive in advance of the rally (usually the night before), check in to the accommodation and start getting everything prepared. On the day(s) of the event we; arrive at the service park before the competitors, erect tents, set up our eating area and finalise any last minute items on team cars. Once the rally starts we service the rally cars and make sure our drivers, co-drivers and hard working service crew are well fed and watered. Refuelling is done as required. We also provide tactical, regulatory and technical expertise and will do whatever we can to get a car to the finish and make sure everyone gets the most out of an event.

Post Event

After the rally, we'll get the team gear back to our Perth base and packed away and ensure all of our team get back safely as well. Occasionally an issue (such as a discrepancy with results) will arise and we assist by working with the relevant parties to help resolve it.


Most of our team members get their own cars and spares to local events. We transport the bulkier items such as; service tents, tarps, jacking boards, kitchen facilities, fuel etc.  We do arrange all transport and logistics for some team members, this is particularly important if a national or international rally is entered.


For local WA rallies, the costs of food and accommodation are divided evenly by the number of competing cars at the event. Fuel is charged based on how much the driver has requested for the event (we assist with fuel estimates). A small team fee is also charged per car, per event. Effectively once a rally has started, we don't charge any extra labour, even if we have to work through the night or all day to keep you in the rally.

National and International rallies are charged on a cost plus basis, depending on where the rally is and how much time away is required.