Pace Note Course

Date: 27/02/16, Perth Metro Area

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Going to compete at State, National, International or a Targa event? Have no idea about pace notes or already competing and want to take the next step? This course has been specially designed to get drivers & co-drivers comfortable with pace notes well before you hit the stages.

What's Included?

  • Theory First

    We spend the morning going through the ins and outs of pace notes. How they work, how to write them using an easy system, what’s involved, how recce works and how to interpret and read them on a stage. If both the driver and co-driver are new to pace notes, we recommend both attend as they need a team effort to get them right.

  • Put it into practice

    After lunch we put what we’ve learnt during the morning into practice. We use a route on quiet public roads and you can write and check your notes. Why on a public road? Almost all rallies, even those on gravel perform recce with the roads open so you have to obey normal road rules. Recce usually has speed limits imposed too so public roads are perfect.

  • No race attire needed

    You don’t need to bring your helmet, race suit or even competition license for this course.

  • Food & Drinks

    Don’t worry about drinks or lunch (unless you have a special diet). We’ll provide the right type of food and water to keep you alert and hydrated all day.

  • Course book, pace note book & support

    Along with your course note book, we also provide a pace note book too. You can take as many notes as you like and ask as many questions as you want to make sure you understand this very important topic. After the course, feel free to contact us if you need any more information and we can also provide additional pace note books too.

The course will start at 9:00am sharp. Before lunch we'll cover the theory in depth, starting with the different systems of pace notes and how driver/co-driver combinations need to work together. We'll then teach you a system for pace noting, cover recce in detail and give you the tips and tricks we use to make it as easy as possible. All day you will be able to tap our extensive experience and knowledge and ask as many questions as you like. During the afternoon we'll be sending you out to write and practice pace noting. This emphasis is on having the notes written correctly and taking advantage of the limited time available for recce on most rallies. Pre-requisites:  It does help to have either competed in a rally previously or else completed our co-driver course, however it is not essential. This course focuses purely on pace noting and is aimed at drivers and co-drivers that have not used pace notes before or want to improve their pace noting skills. Road cars may be used for this course and it is not recommended to use competition cars. $149/person

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