Junior Driver Training

Developing safer drivers through Motorsport

Please note: We are currently not planning any junior driver training. We do hope to find time in our calendar to run this very popular course again in future.
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Designed specifically for teenagers aged between 12 and 16 years old. Our Junior Driver Development course is an introduction to driving in a safe and controlled environment.

What's Included?

  • No L's required

    No driving experience necessary, we’ll teach them everything.

  • A safe place to learn

    No traffic, no distractions and no obstacles, what more could you ask for when first getting behind the wheel?

  • Easy to drive cars

    Small,easy to handle cars and yes, we teach them how to drive manual from the beginning.

  • Patient instructors

    Patient instructors, well versed in teaching kids how to drive.

  • Fun whilst learning

    Whilst the kids are having fun, they’re also learning valuable skills to put them on the path to be great drivers.

  • Cars, instructors & insurance supplied

    We supply pretty much everything. At the end of the day, participants also hold a CAMS license and car club membership too.

Starting at 9:00AM with a short theory session, we'll talk about the basics of driving, the cars and the safety involved.
Once we've got a few concepts in place, the kids will take the wheel of our manual cars and we'll sit beside them. Patience and understanding are the best way to teach kids how to drive and we have reserves of both to make sure the kids master the skills and enjoy themselves.

The tracks and courses we use are open and dirt, all designed to reinforce all the skills of driving. This is where clutch control, steering, braking and positioning of the car on the road will all be applied.

No more than 5 kids will share the driving in each car and most of their time is spent behind the wheel. When not driving, they will be watching and learning from instructors and others in their group.

Toward the end of the session, we'll strap the kids into the co-drivers seat of a real rally car. This will be a chance to have a hot lap around a special stage in the co-driver's seat at speed.

Cost: $149.00

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