2022 Winvale Stages Rally – Airborne & Dust!

2022 Winvale Stages Rally It had been almost six months of off season when April heralded the start with the 2022 Winvale Stages Rally. The Covid-19 pandemic was hitting WA pretty hard and unfortunately it also affected us, some of the key officials on the event and some of the other teams as well. Luckily…

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2022 Rally WA Calendar – Fingers Crossed!

The 2022 Rally WA calendar has been a little slow getting off the ground. The dates have been in pencil for some time however the full list of events has been slow to publish. With many Motorsport championships and series in turmoil due to the pandemic, the gravel events have been in a bit of…

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What is Rally Racing?

What is rally racing?

What is rally racing? Rally racing or just Rally is a type of Motorsport run on closed road sections. All the racing is against the clock. There is a driver and co-driver in each vehicle and the cars have to be road legal. Rally is also conducted on different surfaces from snow to gravel to…

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