LED light bar mounts for Rally Cars

LED light bar mounts fitted to rally car

This is a review of new LED light bar mounts. We’ve been searching for a solution to conventional rally car lighting for some time. Almost as long as the sport of rally has existed there’s been night stages which means racing in the dark. That presents its own unique challenges and one of those is…

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New rules for frontal head restraints

If you’re going to compete in state championship or higher rallies this year, you need to know about frontal head restraints (FHR’s), also known as HANS devices. CAMS have changed the rules and they are now mandatory for all competitors in state and above events. There’s a lot of myths circulating about the subject, so…

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Unpacking & installing a Monit rally computer

Monit G100 This article covers the un-packing and installation of the Monit G100, a full review of the unit and its operation will follow in a future article after it is tested at a blind rally. What’s in the box? The first thing you notice about the Monit G100 is its small sized box. When…

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