Advanced Course

More Speed? Now we're at the pointy end.

advancedLimited to a max of 4 drivers.

  • In depth practical

    Covering: Racing lines, car position, Scandinavian flicks, when and where to use the handbrake and lots of time in the seat to put it all into motion.

  • The Science behind it all

    Having the knowledge can gain vital seconds and vastly improve your speed and results. We dive into the theory and unlock the secrets.

  • Limited numbers

    A maximum of 4 participants at any Advanced rally driving course. We do also cater for one on one training.

  • Tailored to your driving

    Rally, off road, club level or even tarmac. We can tailor the advanced course to suit you and your type of Motorsport.

  • Food & Drinks

    Drinks, snacks and lunch provided.

  • Bonus

    As a Bonus, we also include a Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) competition license, a Car Club Membership and a free entry into our next Khanacross to put your skills to good use!

Get more out of your Motorsport

You want to become a rally driver, improve your current skills or maybe you've been to one of our Rally Driving Experiences and you’re looking for more.  This is the real deal Rally Driving School in Perth. It’s now time to  step up to the next level.

We cover more in depth theory and practical driving techniques, car setup and the all important role of tyres. We also cover how to properly use notes/route instructions or even an unfamiliar track to your advantage.

Armed with extra skills and knowledge you’ll be driving two wheel drive and Turbo charged Rally cars on a variety of roads. We’ll teach you how to make full use of traction and momentum on the dirt to increase your speed even with less power than your competitors.

The Advanced Rally School can be tailored to suit your type of Motorsport and give you all the advice and support we can. If you want to go rally driving and compete in anything from Clubman Rally to World Rally Championship events, we can easily provide further assistance, help you obtain your CAMS rally license and build and maintain competition cars too. It's all part of our mission statement.

A highly experienced rally driver who has competed at World Rally Championship level will sit beside participants at all times and provide expert tuition every step of the way.
We take a maximum of 4 participants only for our Advanced rally driving course.

Cost: $1,799.00 (inc GST)

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