Rally Navigator (Co-driver) training

No experience at co-driving, just starting out in the sport? Already competing and want to know more? We've developed this training course to help you learn how to be a rally navigator (co-driver) without the pressure of competition.

Online course available 24/7. Learn at your own pace in your own home for just $99.

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We know how daunting it can be to start rally co-driving and the challenges to improve. This is the short cut to avoid all the mistakes. Make it easier by drawing on our many years of rally experience in competition and organisation. 
We are loving the course, so helpful and full of information. 

Tim & Bernie - Perth Western Australia

What's Included?

  • First the Theory

    Let’s get the theory right first: How a rally works, Co-Driver responsibilities, Time Controls, Road Books (how they work and how to read one),Secret/blind rallies ( such as the WA Clubman Rally Series), The basics of pace notes, What if scenarios (fall off notes/road book, problem in stage, delayed stages etc), Rally Safety and how it works + plenty of tips and tricks.

  • Videos

    Easy to understand videos with everything explained in plain English. Stop, start and pause as often as you want. We also include a bonus in car video showing how to call the road book on an actual special stage.

  • No race gear? No license? No Worries!

    You don’t have to hold a rally license, have a car club membership, own a helmet or a race suit. This course caters for absolute beginners as well as intermediate co-drivers and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Course notes & invaluable information

    We provide you with detailed course notes including example time cards, road book, and rally symbols/abbreviations with plenty of space to add extra info. The course notes also double as a great reference you can take with you when you’re competing too.

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