Ultimate Day Rally Driving

You drive 52+ laps on 6 x rally tracks + 4 x laps of our 2.7km Special Stage + Hot Lap ride! $999

What's included in the Ultimate Day?

  • Theory

    First up we cover the safety and the basics of rally driving with a short theory lecture.

  • Get into the driver's seat

    Put the theory into practice on the dirt with more time in the driver’s seat. Drive 52+ laps on at least four different rally tracks. Build your confidence on each run with a qualified and experienced rally tutor beside you. Later in the day it’s out onto our challenging 2.7km special stage for four more runs with you behind the wheel.

  • Hot Lap

    After all the adrenalin behind the wheel it’s time for one more hit. Now we’re in the driver’s seat taking you for a fast, sideways hot lap around our stage.

  • Turbo Subaru Rally Cars

    We have real Group A Subaru WRX rally cars with full roll cages, race harnesses and running on gravel rally suspension and tyres.

  • Limited numbers

    No lining up 20 people to share one car here! A maximum of up to five participants only share each car. Less people = less waiting and more driving for you.

  • Food & Drinks

    Lunch, drinks and snacks are provided

Optional Extras

  • In Car Video of your Rally Experience: $50.00 (Organised on the day)
  • Rally Hot Lap for friends or family: $50.00 (Organised on the day)

Click Here for our FAQ's. *We do have size restrictions of 193cm tall and a weight of 130kg. We have had people that are taller or heavier so if you're not sure, please contact us for more info. Our Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking here

The Ultimate rally driving experience behind the wheel of our Turbo Charged, 4WD Subaru Rally Cars. Whether you're a hardcore rally fan that’s decided it’s time to be in the driver’s seat or just want more time sliding sideways in the dirt, Our Ultimate Full Day Course is for you. Double the seat time of our Intense Half Day course. An experienced rally driver will sit beside participants in the rally car at all times and provide expert guidance every step of the way. Friends and family are welcome to attend and can watch the action from our undercover viewing area.

Course Format

You'll meet us in the morning in our Rally HQ for a cup of tea or coffee before we begin. First up, we have an interactive theory session which will take approximately 30 minutes. We use the time to arm you with the techniques, theory and safety of rally driving. Straight after the theory it's time to climb into the driver's seat to put what you've learnt into practice. You'll start out on some basic rally circuits in a more open area to find your feet in our 4WD Turbo forest racers. Within a short time you’ll be sliding the cars around, experiencing the thrills of controlled sideways rally driving. As the morning progresses, we’ll increase the difficulty and length of the tracks to match your new rally driving skills. We'll break for lunch around midday. During lunch, we’ll discuss what we learnt in the morning session and how it will apply during the afternoon. After lunch it’s back into the rally car for more driving. You’ll complete even more laps to make sure you're onto it before heading out onto our purpose built rally special stage. Now you'll have four more runs to put everything you've learnt to the test. We'll feed you a constant stream of information as we're blasting along our challenging rally stage. At the end of your session, we’ll swap seats with you. This time you’ll be in the co-driver's seat as we take you for an adrenalin surging, sweaty palms sideways hot lap around our special stage where we'll show you how we do it in rally competition.


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